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    We were the target of a horrendous terrorist attack. The beauty of hanging out with friends on a summers day in the Forbury gardens was ripped from peoples lives without even a thought that something so ugly could ruin a perfect day. A tragedy for the people that were there, especially those whose lives were cut short and for their loved ones. For the rest of us, shock and sadness that it's happened so close to home.

    But we will rise above it and we will grow outside of it.

    This one is for Reading. My home town here in the UK. 🖤


    Painted fabric scraps
    Paint pen drawn floral illustration
    Spray paint
    PVA glue
    Finished in varnish

    cut out, collage, decopage

    I honestly think this is the most connected way to give life work you just did not connect with and also minimise art waste! 🌍

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      Hand-signed. Includes an authenticity certificate.

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      Art is forever. No returns on paintings and prints

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      Packaged with care, using environmentally friendly padding, and packaging materials. Gift wrapping available!

    • Care

      Each painting is finished in a coat of varnish to protect each layer of paint. 

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