Not the Same, but Equal
  • Not the Same, but Equal

    In a time when the age of comparison is even more prevalent, it's important to stand up, be fierce, inspire, educate, learn, teach. I wanted this painting to be a statement of that. A wall statement for all to see.


    While we may not be the same in many ways, WE ARE EQUAL- we all live on this planet, we all have basic values, needs, wants.


    While we are so set on war, violence, our obsession to dominate, to control, to rule over, to win, to impress and to look better than others- WE ARE EQUAL.


    Be true, REALLY be kind, in your mind AND in your actions. Don't be afraid to let yourself free and spill outside of the boundaries.


    This is a reminder of that.


    Mixed Media- Collage, Spraypaint, acrylic

    42cm L X 36.5cm W

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      Each painting is finished in a coat of varnish to protect each layer of paint. 

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